Earthshot brings together investors, carbon buyers, and land stewards in a science-powered platform to finance ecological restoration projects that are equitable for local communities. I was their Lead Designer from Fall 2022 to Spring 2023, when myself and much of my team were furloughed due to funding issues.


Brand strategy

Brand design

Social media

Logo concepts

Web design

Shape shifting

My job at Earthshot was multi-faceted and I wore a few different hats, as many in-house creatives do. I essentially functioned as an in-house freelancer and was most often just helping team members visually communicate our story either internally or externally.

My first and biggest project was helping them overhaul their project storytelling pages.

View the live project here

Brand exploration

During the last month or so of my work with Earthshot, I was able to do a bit of brand exploration, starting with internal interviews and leading into some very low-fi visual exploration and mood boarding before I was furloughed. I was able to do some really early logo concepts as well, testing out various typeface directions. Most were hyper minimal to give more focus to the content itself, because as a team, we valued lifting up the stories of others and fading the Earthshot brand into the background.

Most of my concepts involved a very simple Earth symbol, actually quite similar to the Tiny Planet logo I've ended up with today. I felt that there's power in a simple approach, in referencing our "pale blue dot" as a basic vector shape. Because there's so much beauty in the fact that all we are and all we have lies within this little floating bubble in the universe!

And while it was a shame not to be able to see these concepts through, it was a fun process!

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Social presence

I was also able to help Earthshot boost their social media engagement with some solid success on LinkedIn, their primary social platform.

From roughly 11/1/2022 (when I took over their LinkedIn social media posting) to 3/15/2023 Iaround the time I was furloughed), I helped them boost reactions by 64%, comments by 32%, reposts by 88%, and brought 1,894 new and organic followers to our page.

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Social Stats


Working part-time as Earthshot's social media manager on top of design work, this is what I accomplished on LinkedIn

Comment percent increase
Reaction percent increase
Reaction percent increase