Farmstay is here to foster support for farms, ignite curiosity in travelers, and cultivate connection between the two. Since 2010, they have been at the forefront of establishing farm stays as a distinct and immersive travel niche in the United States. Their initial mission was to introduce and popularize the term and concept of farm stays to both American travelers and, surprisingly, even farmers themselves.


Brand Design

Logo Design

Brand Foundation


A bright brand refresh

Part of Farmstay's new brand strategy was to create a brand look and feel that spoke directly to their core audiences: farmers and young families (mainly moms) looking to experience something new and get more connected through travel. Together, we narrowed down many different fonts, colors, and logo choices to get to a visual direction that the Farmstay team was happy with.

We also wanted to capture a vibrant, engaging experience through imagery, starting with stock and eventually moving to in-house photography. Because Farmstay is such a deeply sensory experience, we wanted to capture that as much as possible through mixed media and content on social media and beyond.

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Good for the soul

Working with Farmstay has been one of my favorite projects to date, because I love their vision and the message that they want to share with the world. I'm also an avid gardener these days and an aspiring urban farmer!

Through out the iterative process, they were excellent creative collaborators, providing so much of the essential inspiration to our final core design concepts.

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