Nema provides specialty-trained therapists, psychiatrists, and peer mentors—all in one place. Through personalized treatment plans, 90% of Nema patients experience clinical improvement in their PTSD symptoms. Together, we reimagined their brand to roll out a visual and web refresh.


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Starting fresh

Nema wanted to create a new take on their existing brand, maintaining the calming tone but elevating the visual approach across the system.

Together, we molded and shaped a new foundation, based largely on their expertise and scientific approach helping trauma survivors heal.

Part of that foundation includes a new graphic treatment of images, layering images on top of each other. We chose this to represent the deep complexity and beauty that each of us holds within us. This felt right because of Nema's unique ability to help trauma survivors embrace healing and a new life, rooted in lasting peace.

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Flowing in Webflow

The bulk of our time together was focused recreating Nema's website in Webflow. Thanks to the power of Webflow templates, solid content organization, and very smooth collaboration with the team, we were able to go from the initial concept to publishing in just over two months. The site is responsive, dynamic, and communicate their message of lasting peace to their patients and providers!

View the live site here

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