Ponterra is a developer of biodiversity-rich, nature-based carbon projects. They address the growing need and demand for investing in and protecting nature by developing high-quality restoration projects that are designed to enhance biodiversity through native species, uplift smallholder farmers on degraded land, and provide competitive risk-adjusted returns for investors.


Logo Design

Brand Design

Presentation Design

Design sprint

A very quick project by necessity! I helped Ponterra get a brand off the ground in less than a week from ask to delivery. They already knew what vibe they wanted and it was a breeze to get everything together for them.

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A focus on biodiversity

One of main goals of this project was to keep the focus not just on nature as a whole, but on the thousands upon thousands of unique species that are under threat due to global climate change. We were lucky enough to be able to utilize beautiful photographs from a close friend and colleague of Ponterra's. These photos do such a masterful job of providing their up close and personal portraits.

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Working part-time as Earthshot's social media manager on top of design work, this is what I accomplished on LinkedIn

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